Residential Optimized Charging

Pilot Objective

To deploy a small-scale active managed charging program for residential EV customers (through telematics and/or EVSE) to optimize cost savings and grid operations (utilizing the EV as a DR and grid asset). Success will be measured through overall efficiency to shift EV charging to lower cost resource hours, customer satisfaction, and the effectiveness of incentivizing pilot participants to allow ComEd to shift their EV load.


It is the sole responsibility of the responding firms to ensure their submission is received through our online form on or before the due date and time.

RFI issued November 3, 2023
Response to RFI deadline December 1, 2023 – 5:00 p.m. CST
Submitting vendors will be notified of next steps after ComEd has reviewed responses. No later than March 1, 2024
RFP in development Release planned by end of Q2 2024