BE Pilots

Learn more about the ComEd Beneficial Electrification Plan Pilots.

The Final Order in ComEd’s Beneficial Electrification Plan (“BE Plan”) proceeding, Illinois Commerce Commission (“Commission” or “ICC”) Docket Nos.22-0432 and 22-0442, Cons., dated March 23, 2023, and Amended May 8, 2023 (“Final Order”), specifies a budget of $77 million annually over the three-year period of the BE Plan, 2023 through 2025.  Of this $77 million total, the Commission allocated $5 million annually to implement eight pilot programs, referred to collectively as the BE Pilots.

March 1, 2024 Update: RFP Schedule

Below you will find a holistic timeline on the BE Pilot RFPs and implementation plans:

ComEd to submit planning details (i.e., preliminary project plan) on a rolling basis to the Director of the Commission’s Integrated Distribution Planning Division and all interested parties, per the Final Order requirement to submit this information 30 days before pilot commencement (defining for purposes of these BE Plan 1 Pilot Programs as prior to each RFP release) for review and comment.March-April 2024

Release all eight pilot RFPs, on a rolling basis (to identified vendors with intent to bid – see details at bottom of page):

  1. Curbside Charging phase 1 RFP & phase 2 RFP
  2. Rideshare RFP
  3. Air Quality Monitoring RFP
  4. School Bus V2G RFP
  5. Residential Optimized Charging RFP
  6. Submetering RFP
  8. Backup Power Capabilities RFP
Q2 2024
RFP Response Review/Scoring and Bid SelectionQ2-Q3 2024
Curbside Charging Pilot Implementation LaunchQ3 2024
Rideshare Pilot Implementation LaunchQ3 2024
Air Quality Monitoring Pilot Implementation LaunchQ3 2024
School Bus V2G Pilot Implementation LaunchQ4 2024
Residential Optimized Charging Pilot Implementation LaunchQ4 2024
Submetering Pilot Implementation LaunchQ4 2024
EV EMS Pilot Implementation LaunchQ4 2024
Backup Power Capabilities Pilot Implementation LaunchQ4 2024
Pilot Implementation period (all BE Plan 1 Pilot Programs to close out by EOY 2025)Through Q4 2025

Please note, the BE Pilot timeline above is subject to change.

We welcome all qualified vendors to bid on any of the BE Pilot RFPs if capable of providing exceptional implementation of the pilot plan(s) summarized below.

As noted above, more detailed preliminary project plans will be shared with all interested parties (per the Final Order requirement) prior to RFP release in the coming months.

BE Pilots

Visit the links below for more background on each of the eight pilots.

Air Quality Monitoring

Backup Power Capabilities

Curbside Charging

EV Energy Management System (EMS)

Residential Optimized Charging


School Bus Vehicle To Grid


RFP Bidding Process

To provide a bid to BE Pilot RFPs, you must email with your intent to bid, listing the specific BE Pilot(s) of interest and email point of contact, by March 15. Only express intent to bid if you are qualified (licensed) to complete work in Illinois. Then, you must verify registration in the ComEd Supply portal by April 1.

To verify if your company has an account with Exelon you can contact GEP support at 732-307-8731 and request they review the system for any company accounts associated with your company email domain, or if you think you may have credentials, you can choose the forgot username and/or forgot password from the login page from the online sourcing site at

**Please note if you re-register in the system and have past sourcing events we will delete your old accounts and all associated information and keep the new account.

Please confirm that you do not have an account before taking action.

The registration and questionnaire will take place within our secure portal, SMART by GEP, and works in either Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 11 and above or Microsoft Edge browsers only. To complete the process:

  1. Please visit
  2. Scroll down the page and select the option to REGISTER from the right-hand margin.
  3. The first page of the process will require you to enter company information including all applicable US Federal Tax IDs/EIN Number for your company section (applicable is defined as subsidiaries or branches that may work with Exelon and any of its entities).
  4. The second page contains the Vendor Affiliation Questionnaire.
  5. Once all questions have been answered, submit your response.
  6. Following the completion of both the company profile and the questionnaire you will receive a pop-up box instructing you to check your email for a link to complete the process. You must authenticate your profile by clicking the URL contained in the confirmation email.
  7. More information is available regarding the supplier registration process at
November 3, 2023 Update: RFIs Launch

ComEd is soliciting ideas to inform the implementation of the eight BE pilots approved in the Final Order in ComEd’s Beneficial Electrification Plan (“BE Plan”) proceeding. These pilots aim to test technologies in Northern Illinois communities and ComEd is using a request for information (“RFI”) process to understand the benefits and risks associated with these technologies from a diverse set of viewpoints.

July 25, 2023:

Pursuant to the Final Order, ComEd is required to determine an evaluation process and criteria for reviewing and scoring BE Pilot ideas and proposals. Id. at 87.

The BE Pilot Evaluation Process and Criteria document, linked below, outlines the process and criteria that will be used for pre-screening, reviewing requests for information (“RFIs”), reviewing requests for proposals (“RFPs”), and assessing BE Pilot success. More information on BE Pilots, as well as RFI information, will be posted here as it becomes available.